• Custom Rodeo Shirt Deposit - Adult

    Please type in your email or link to your social media page so we can start designing your custom shirt!

    In order to get started creating your custom shirt I've found its easiest to talk it over either through social media messaging or text messages. This fee is applied towards your custom shirt so no worries! It also helps to lock in your spot. Here's a little more info on options and base pricing:

    *Base price (with deposit included) is $125, price increases with satin or specialty fabric, bling, piping, fringe, etc.

    *You can choose from the classic western fit or the fitted style. Neither affect the price.

    *You can choose buttons or snaps. No price change.

    *Pockets or flip cuffs are options but do affect price.

    *Once you purchase your consult slot I'll be in touch and will get you a measurement chart to fill out, it's easy and painless, I promise!

    *Pictures can help me figure out your style but I will not steal another designers design.

    Just remember: If you can think it, I can do it.