As an avid barrel racer and fashion lover, Rodeo Karma owner and operator Sarah, realized there was beginning to be a lack of originality, individuality and functionality (especially together) in to rodeo apparel arena.

Therefore Rodeo Karma was created with the intent to provide unique, stand out, durable and functional shirts for rodeo competitors.

Rodeo Karma’s core values are:

💎 Live your karma. You get what you give, so make sure you’re going to be happy with what comes back to you!

💎 Lift yourself by lifting others. Your competition is inside the arena, not outside. So cheer each other on, it only makes you better.

💎 Believe in yourself and the work you do. Hard work pays off, keep at it and you’ll get there.

💎 Work hard, play harder. Give it your all, and then some. Celebrate what you and your circle achieve, but always stay humble.

💎 Be unique! Don’t blend in with the herd, you’re always better when you’re yourself.